by Lacuna

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Vocals - Hayes Lafever
Guitar - Anthony Martinez
Drums - Joseph Nixon
Bass - Joe Small


released April 16, 2016

Recorded at the Clubhouse.
Special thanks to Joe Small for recording and Charles Warr for mastering these tracks.

additional thanks to Charles Warr for guest vocals on Interdict.

Available on cassette tapes at:



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Lacuna Palmdale, California

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Track Name: Theo
passing judgement, living a lie.
we see everything through a bleak lense,
seeing colors like clouds in the sky.
we see the end, no more memories,
no more tragedies, no more fixations
on these anomalies.

when i feel whole, i see no end to the moment
when i have holes, i can only see the end,
close your eyes, living in a conscious tornado,
whirlwind of inhibitions.

god's eyes have diverted from our sins,
and we will not make it home,
please remember me.

spinning into a dark void where i can
finally meet you again
Track Name: Virgin Birth
fading into the mist, it's pulled me
back into this dark and senseless mess

he is the boy who cried wolf,
he is the siren in the fog,
the reason they run through the night,
fear him.
a grudge is a flower who's thorns
continue to grow as you refuse to water it
water is made up of apologies,
covering the sunlight; sucking the life
right out of the trees.

i want to be alone, i am never going to rest
my head unless the blackened curtains lay
their dark and weightless touch across me.
running towards the horizon,
there is hate in my heart.
Track Name: Interdict
i watch the lightning fill up the sky.
my steps are muffled in the breeze.
there it stood, masked by the cold of night,
blistered and perverted from its original form.

white eyes pierced me,
haunting my soul and the air surrounding.
living without form or purpose,
reversing into utter chaos.

the void calls my name,
painless and dark, it swallows me whole.